This is an absolutely gorgeous custom kitchen set that we received from a showroom here in Colorado! The set was made by Plato Woodwork Custom Cabinetry and boasts so many amazing custom features.

To start, let’s focus on something that usually is not the main focus of any set. The hardware. This set’s hardware has incredibly intricate designs of fish, elk, and other animals on the front of most knobs, but all of the hardware is made of some antiqued bronze that sets off the cherry and white of the cabinets.

The cabinets themselves have doors that are inset in the boxes, a feature that is very high-dollar and would be hard to find for any price lower than 250 per cabinet. On top of that, the base cabinets have dovetailed drawers and roll out trays. The rollout trays are very nice, as they have side mounts with ball bearings embedded inside to allow for a smoother draw. A spice drawer cabinet and a basket pullout base are additional hallmarks, as well as a trash can pull out in one of the bases. Something that we’ve never had before in the shop is the awesome apron sink base! This is a high dollar option that we’re super excited is in this package.

On to the wall cabinets. Most are extra tall, 36″ upper cabinets, and some are colored creme with an antiqued finish. the set comes with some corner shelving in rustic cherry, and the creme colored wall cabinets have mitered glass panels. End wall cabinets have panels on the sides to complement the rustic look of the set.

Next, we have the Sub-Zero fridge cabinet. This extra tall wall/ tall combo cabinet has some awesome panels on the top that fit along right with the design of the hardware, as they have engravings of wildlife on them. Although the Sub-zero fridge is not included as of now, we do have contact with the owner of the showroom, and he has a fridge that would fit right in that cabinet and would be available for under 50% of retail price. Please let us know if you are interested in that prospect.

Finally, we have the awesome center island. It’s all just one cabinet and has some great corner turn posts to hold up the counter over a ledge, where there are baskets for additional storage. The island has soft-close pullouts inside of it, which are perfect for some additional storage.

This is overall just one of the coolest sets we’ve had in a while, and if you are interested in it, we recommend you come over to our shop to take a look at it!


All sizes are listed in inches and in (Height x Width x Depth) format.

  • Bases
    • 34.5, 30, 24 single door and exposed rollouts
    • 34.5, 18, 24 single base with rollouts
    • 34.5, 15, 24 trash pullout
    • 34.5, 34, 24 apron sink base
    • 34.5, 9, 24 spice rack
    • 12*9 kidney bean lazy Suzan 36″ on the left wall, 33″ on the right wall
  • Uppers
    • 36, 24, 12
    • 36, 24, 12
    • 36, 20, 12 antiqued distressed cream
    • 36, 20, 12 antiqued distressed cream
    • Panels for above the range, floating corner shelves
    • 34, 30, 10/8 open cabinet
  • Island
    • Granite top 1, 61.5, 31.5
    • Actual cabinet 34.5, 36, 24
    • Full island piece 34.5, 60, 36


  • Dings
    • Corner of sink base, corner of single base
  • Finish
    • Pretty
  • Box Construction
    • Amazing
  • Countertops
    • Piece behind sink is broken, but we have pieces of it; Island is slightly chipped


These items can be purchased directly through our website, or, if you would like to look at the items before purchasing them, you can do so by visiting our shop. These items and others can be seen from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays and 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturdays. If you are coming from a distance, you might want to contact us before coming to make sure the items you want are still around.

Please note that sales tax will be charged on any purchased items, as mandated by the state of Colorado. We do have the ability to deliver these items, and please contact us after purchasing any items to schedule pickup or delivery. If you are purchasing items online, please keep your location in mind, as we can deliver within an 80-mile radius of our shop, and if you are outside of this radius, you will have to pick up the items yourself within a week of purchase. Delivery prices will be calculated according to the size of your items and your location.


It is almost impossible to salvage counter-tops without incurring any damage, so if they are available, we include them with the set free of charge.