1. Big Changes for the Better and More Cabinets for YOU!

    Hey guys, it's Ben from Ben's Repurposed Cabinetry again here with another update video for you all.  I'm standing in front of a beautiful maple kitchen we picked up yesterday which is super nice. It has nice dovetailed drawers, some nice big drawers, and a lot of good storage. The hardware on this…Read More

  2. Marked Down Prices, FREE Delivery, and HUGE Savings!

    Hey everyone, it's me again, Ben from Ben's Repurposed Cabinetry with another update video. Summer is in full swing and we're getting in cabinets left and right.   We're running a great sale this week with FREE DELIVERY with any purchase. I'm also going to be taking 100s of dollars off on certain…Read More

  3. Summers Come, Cabinets Soon to Follow!

    Hey everyone, Ben here again with another update video on Memorial Day, even though it might come out a bit later. I'm going to be out of town for the week, but we will still be open and the guys will be running the show.   We're into summer now, so the employees and I are out of school. This m…Read More

  4. High-End Custom Kitchens and New Facebook Group for Giveaways!

    Here’s another update video for you guys! We have a lot of high-end, custom kitchens in right now which are a super good deal. Wanted to start out with this gigantic set that we got from a multi—million- dollar home. It’s massive, with I believe around 30 boxes most of which are pretty large t…Read More

  5. TONS of Individual Pieces and More Coming!

    Hey guys, just wanted to give you another quick update on what we have in right now. For this video, most of what I’m going to be showing you are actually smaller pieces. Usually I’m showing you guys the bigger things we have, but we have a ton of smaller things right now and the kitchens we do …Read More

  6. Sneak Peek Into the Shop: Huge Amount of Product!

    Hey guys, here with another quick update on what’s in the shop! We finally have it set up so that you’re able to even walk around it. This first set is a beautiful set that you can see on our website, and it really checks a lot of boxes for people I think. It’s a custom set and has dovetailing…Read More

  7. More Stock Than Ever Before! It’s YOUR Time to Buy!

    Hey everyone, just giving you a much-needed update on the stock we have in right now. Sorry there has been a bit of silence lately, all of my employees but one went on a school trip this week and just got back. And it just so happened that Noah, the one employee that was here, was picking up cabinet…Read More

  8. Gift Card Giveaway!

    We're doing another giveaway! We know that things are always a mess in the kitchen when renovating, so we would like to help you out! We're giving away a $50 gift card to the restaurant of the winners choice. Just enter below! The giveaway ends Saturday, April 21. Just enter below! https://app.viral…Read More