We’ve got another update for you guys with the sets that we currently have in. Pretty much all the sets we have any in here right now are good, affordable options to get some decent quality cabinets.


Our first set here is in good shape, but you’re not going to break the bank with it. Some quick specs really quick: It’s got nice tall uppers, solid maple raised panel doors and drawer fronts, and a nice vanity cabinet that matches the set. Also included is a big pantry with rollout trays. There’s a lazy Susan cabinet over in the corner, and one of the bases has some rollout trays as well. The color on these cabinets is really nice.

We also have a second set here, that’s very well built. It has plywood boxes and the drawers are fully dovetailed. There are some awesome pieces in this one, like a lazy Susan, a couple corner units (it was set out for maybe a smaller U-shaped kitchen), a nice oversized drawer base, and some appliances which we’re most likely going to put them with something else. The price is also going to down on this set to $1350, so we’ll give you a heads up on that.

These two sets should be made more affordable for you, and if you don’t have a huge space but you want some quality cabinets this is the way to go.

There’s a set in the back of the shop that we sold already, but a lot of you probably never saw it. The set has tons of cabinets and came with a Thermador range. We sold it for just under four thousand dollars. We sent out an email with one picture of it but never got to make official ads for it because somebody bought it. We’re really trying to keep you guys all updated as much as possible but there are times when somebody will see something a bit before we get ads up for it. We do get in these large kitchens from time to time, and we know there’s a few you looking to fit some really large spaces, so we’ll keep searching those out. They’re hard to find, but hopefully, we’ll get some more big ones and pass those on to you.

Next, we have a smaller set that we moved down to $1250, and it comes with free appliances and free tile granite countertops.

We also have a Heatilator fireplace that we need to get ads up for and a really nice cherry double vanity with a dark walnut stain that we dropped down to $450. We were hoping to get the top with it, but that didn’t happen. The drawers are dovetailed with full extension, soft close slides. It’s a great, sturdy vanity, and looks beautiful with that walnut stain.

Our next set is quite affordable, and we’re thinking of adding hardware to it and putting the black appliances with it as well. That would bump the price up a little bit but would set it up better for somebody who’s trying to get a kitchen done on a strict budget. It’s on our website for $780 right now, but once we add the upgrades we’ll go $980 on it or something.

We added some pretty nice hardware to another cool set. It’s a small kitchen, and if you have an L shaped space, then these high-quality cabinets are for you. They have some rollout trays in one of the bases, and the set has a nice color in my opinion.

We have quite a few vanities in stock and took the price down on most of them. There’s one more whitewashed vanity left, and we’re selling it for just $195. We took a lot of prices down on vanities because we’re always wanting to move stuff. The smaller cherry vanities are just $45 apiece. We also have a brand new shaker style slate grey vanity with soft-close doors and pewter pulls. There’s also another brand new double vanity here with hardware for $195.

We’ve got three uppers from a showroom that we’re going to take the price down for, probably around $290. They’re brand new, only been hung in a showroom, and have a really nice, unique style.

We have a couple granite and Silestone countertops with a sink ready to go; we still have to figure out what we’re going to do with those. Maybe we’ll pair it up with a kitchen we’ve got coming in and try to pair it with a contrasting island.

Speaking of an island, we have a couple cabinets that would work well for an island, with a gigantic pullout in the right cabinet and a mixing station tray in the left.

We’ve got tons of doors! We have one storm door and a glass one as well. I think you guys saw the ad, we have a whole ton of solid core and white pre-hung doors, one entry door, and we’re trying to sell those cheaply. It never ceases to amaze me how much interest we get on those doors but for whatever reason, it makes us just sell more sets, not more doors. We still do have quite a few of the doors, though, they’re in our garage right now, and let us know if you’re interested. We change the price on those quite a bit, we’re down to $50 on some of them even though they’re worth over a thousand dollars new

We still have a really nice centerpiece with a lift up door that we haven’t talked about for a while. It has a drawer base underneath it, and a desk drawer as well. It’s really a beautifully made piece, and I’m willing to sell it for cheap, so let us know if you’re interested.


That’s all for this update, there’s going to be a lot more coming in within the next week or so and things will look pretty different. We have a lot of affordable sets in stock right now, and lots of you are looking for smaller kitchens like those. We’ll continue to keep you updated. If you’re interested in any of these sets, most of them are on our Current Stock page, and you can find pictures and additional information on them there. If you’re interested in anything else not on the current stock page, contact us and we can help you out with info or pictures.

Thanks for your business, we really appreciate it!