The world of kitchen cabinets is a nearly bottomless well of possibility. Not only are there countless colors, styles, textures, and that kitchen cabinets come in, but the features and functions they contain range from nifty to game changing.

The Nice-to-Have Cabinet Functions

There are some things you just expect to find in kitchen cabinets, such as a long rectangular drawer just under the counter that makes a perfect space for tableware. There are also plenty of things that, while nice to have, aren’t mandatory enough to be found everywhere. It is in these things that a truly great set of kitchen cabinets will shine.

Trash Pullouts

One of our all-time favorites is the tried and true trash pullout. Classic examples usually house a garbage can inside, whereas more modern cabinets may feature a flush, drawer-like basin that makes only the opening for your trash cans show – plus there will often be two cans, one for waste and another for recycling. The benefits to this are numerous, including a clean presentation, space efficiency, no chance of a dog or child getting into or knocking over the trash, and even improved sanitation in the home.

Wine Racks

Ah, wine. One of the least surprising features that any sophisticated, high-end cabinets may boast is a wine rack of some sort. Often these “racks” are really more of a diagonally criss-crossing mesh of wood that allows for bottles to rest in the diamond-shaped cavity within, but that is hardly the limit of the wine rack possibilities. At Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry in Loveland, we’ve seen a large number of high-end kitchen cabinets, as well as the diverse wine rack styles that accompany them – some even include refrigeration and humidity control!

Pantry Possibilities

Most floorplans don’t comfortably allow for an enclosed pantry area that is easily accessible from the kitchen, which often leaves the burden of dry food storage to cabinet makers. We’ve all seen the thin floor-to-ceiling pantries with evenly-spaced shelves inside in one kitchen or another, but some families enjoy a much more inspired and fun design from their cabinet pantry. With the advent of ball-bearing tracks for drawer, shelves became strong drawers unto themselves, allowing telescoping and other carpentry tricks that maximize the small space to offer something truly extraordinary. Recently, we’ve sold a few discount cabinets that featured pantries with drawers that swing open to allow convenient access to anything within, which our customers find surprisingly exciting.

Our High-End Discount Cabinets

At the end of the day, the best set of cabinets is an affordable set of cabinets. While all of the features above can add hundreds or thousands to a custom cabinetry order, at Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry in Loveland, you will only ever find heavily discounted high-end cabinets that are ready to install in your kitchen. If you happen to find a few of these nice-to-have traits, that is just a happy bonus!

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