We have another update here, just to tell you what we have in and what’s coming in soon. First, we have a number of sets we got in from a high-end showroom down in Denver. These sets are SUPER popular right now, with a very modern look to them. I honestly don’t know too much about them, as far as the coating on them. But they’re frameless and super well-built. These things look like they’ll last forever. These kinds of sets are being put in a ton of new million-dollar homes. These have a ton of cool features. They even have some lift-up door units, as well as large drawer bases. One of these sets has the coolest base cabinets, with amazing and intricate rollout trays. And all of these are soft-close. They all have beautiful hardware on them. One of them has a more matte finish, and the other has a clearer finish. You really have to see them to understand just how beautiful they really are.

We also have a good sized, affordable used kitchen. It has tall uppers, and 24 cabinets. It also has some nice frosted glass uppers, with an almost ice crystal frost design on the glass. It has granite slab countertops, as well as some appliances, all of which are name brand!

We still have this maple set in that we mentioned last time. It’s in good condition and you get a lot of bang for your buck on this one. We’re also throwing in free granite pieces in with it as well as free appliances.

We still have a bunch of vanities, we just have to get more organized, because there are some great pieces for sale. They’re very affordable too, some of these even being brand new.

This huge cream set we talked about got all set up, and has ads out that most of you have probably already seen. We sold all the cabinets, but we still have all the appliances for that. So, there are a lot of appliances yet that are available. If you’ve seen the ad, you know that these appliances are great name brands, and are in great condition. It has a gorgeous Wolf oven and warming drawer, both of which are super expensive on their own when bought brand new. There’s also the subzero refrigerator units, as well as some integrated fridge drawers. It also has a subzero wine fried with individual rollout trays. It has a paneled Asko dishwasher as well. So, this has 7 different appliances, all in great condition, and we’re probably going to be selling those for $2500. One thing we know will need some attention is the condenser motor on the Subzero freezer. Everything else is in great condition and are great brands.

We still have a lot of doors. What we’ve found is that there’s a lot of interest, but it’s very difficult to sell as there are so many questions to be answered.

We also have another little showroom kitchenette. It’s white shaker style with softened edges, and has a nice little apron sink base, and some beautiful glass uppers.

We have a few extra cabinet pieces that are really cool. One of these has a lowering mixer stand. Another one is a giant spice rack cupboard.

We have another little maple set in It’s pretty high quality, and perfect for anyone who needs a smaller kitchen. So keep your eyes open for these little kitchens.

So that’s a brief overview of what we have in. We’ve been having around 3 sets come in a week, so it’s been very busy. Keep yourself updated and we could help you find your dream kitchen!