Hey everybody, we just wanted to give you an update on what we have in the shop. We have been sending out emails to the people on the email list, but a lot of times there’s a fair amount of materials in here that aren’t on the website, or that we’re working to get up. So, I think this would be very helpful to keep everybody super updated on exactly what’s in the shop, and what kind of things are available.

New Baby!

So I’ve been really busy lately, of course we had Thanksgiving weekend, but I also had a son born last week, Trevor James. We’re very excited and thankful about that, of course. He was close to 3 weeks early, so he has needed some oxygen. And he also had some high bilirubin, so he had to go back to the hospital. Things are going well with no serious concerns. But with my wife spending the night at the hospital, things have been a little bit hectic. So, sorry that we haven’t been keeping you as updated as you would like, but moving forward we will try our best to do so.

Current Custom Stock!

We still have a lot of lighting, including all the track lighting from a showroom which is really high end. We also have a number of fireplaces, as well as some really neat granite countertops. In fact, these are rare ones because they came from a quarry Australia, and it was the last of it. So, these countertops have a rather interesting background.

We got a set going up here with an island, and that will be going up really soon. There’s also a big Colorado Custom Kitchens Hutch that will be hopefully be available soon. We also have some countertop pieces that would give away for free. We also have a few sinks in right now.

There’s also this big double oven cabinet that went with a set that someone bought, but they didn’t want that particular piece. So, if anyone is interested in that, take it!!We have a couple more random pieces, and some appliances that would be very affordable if you’re interested. We also have a great jacuzzi tub.

There’s another set in that’s pretty awesome and unique. I’ve never seen a set like it, and you probably never have either. There’s TONS of detail, and is extremely custom. There’s a black top, and a circular island with really nice legs on it. It has fascinating curved wood and curved glass. The detail in on the crown molding is very high end and would be very expensive.

We also have a 42-inch paneled Subzero fridge that’s working great. Those panels can be changed out really easily, even stainless if you want.

We have in a brand new huge kitchen set worth $35,000 that’s pretty awesome. We’re selling it for about 20 percent of that! We also have another really nice set that’s still being worked on. It has nearly new appliances.

We have a ton of gas fireplaces in too! We sold one of these almost instantaneously a while ago for $750. Please tell us if you’re interested, and we’ll be willing to make a great deal with you on any of those.

Also in right now, we have some super nice vanities. These vanities actually came from the owner of a high-end showroom in Denver just to give you an idea of the value of them. They’re really nice, with dovetailed and soft close drawers. They have a shaker bead board style. They’re large vanities, but they could be modified to be double vanities if you wanted.

We have another brand-new set. The owner bought it, and for whatever reason didn’t end up using it but is worth $12000 new! Of course, we’ll be pricing it for just a fraction of that. It comes with an apron sink, and a farmhouse sink base too. This also has the soft-close and beaded glass doors, as well as a double trash can pull out. It just has tons of things that people are looking for. There’s a different set that we also have in.  You really get a lot of bang for your buck with this one. It has a lot of rollout trays, a trashcan pullout, 42” tall uppers.

Another couple vanities are in the shop too, with dovetailed drawers and a pretty basic construction. The countertop will most likely have to be switched out because it has almost no value, but the cabinets and the sinks/faucet are high quality.

There’s also another huge Subzero fridge in great working condition that we’re giving away for free. We also have this beautiful pantry door that I know a ton of people are looking for. It could go with the maple kitchen, if you have a built-in pantry, but might also be sold separately. We have some other really nice doors besides the pantry door too. There are some very affordable closet doors, and also some front or interior doors. We also have some custom doors that retail for around $1600. We got our hands on some other various materials as well.

Alright, so there’s a brief overview of what we have at Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry. Come visit us, or send me a text/email, and I’ll respond as quickly as I can. As I’m a teacher, I’m pretty busy, but I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, and hopefully we can move some of this stuff out.  Go to our current stock page to see all the stuff we currently have up for sale, and thanks for checking us out!