Hey guys, it’s Ben from Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry again here with another update video for you all. 

I’m standing in front of a beautiful maple kitchen we picked up yesterday which is super nice. It has nice dovetailed drawers, some nice big drawers, and a lot of good storage. The hardware on this is super pretty as well. It also has thick plywood boxes which is super nice. They’re frameless too which is a nice feature. It has pullouts in some bases and comes with a paneled fridge.  

We got in some beautiful vanities from the Denver area. One has a beautiful open shelf on it and a gorgeous marble top with its sink. We also have two 48″ matching vanities with dovetailing and telescope drawer glides as well as the counters and sink ready-to-go. 

A showroom gave us this sweet kitchen with a super unique look and dark glazing. It has granite to go with it too. We haven’t cleaned this one up yet, so ads will be going out in a bit. 

We have this maple kitchen in and we also had a paneled fridge that didn’t actually go with it, but it matches okay. So, if you want to purchase appliances to go with it you can. This set is pretty sizeable and has a lot of rollout trays in the bases and plywood drawers, and it’s super affordable. 

This is a super pretty set that we’ve shown before that’s ready-to-go with counters and hardware. We also have these super high-end master bathroom vanities from that $4M home. There’s a nice cream finish as well as some glazing and super pretty detailing. The drawers are full extension, dovetailed AND soft-close, so it doesn’t get much better than this. There’s a tall linen closet to go with as well as a makeup station and his-and-hers vanities.  

We added some hardware to this small but gorgeous set. This too has amazing detailing and come with granite, and it’s super affordable.  

There’s also this beautiful white kitchen that comes with a gorgeous island with granite. The rest of the set is beautiful as well. We still have that bamboo showroom set too if anyone’s interested. It has a ton of cool features and pullouts as well as nice counters.  

We’re still getting white kitchens in so let us know if you’re interested in that. We have a super pretty island/buffet area with nice lighting available too. We have other stuff too so check out our Current Stock page to see those.  

We’re changing a lot this summer now that I have more time to focus on the business. We’re really striving to better ourselves for our customers’ benefit so always let us know what we can do to better serve you. We’re adding tons of checklists along the way so that nothing gets forgotten and then protecting the sets that are sold so that you get what you bought in good condition. We’re also trying to figure out shipping so that we can get sets farther out to you guys. We’re already able to ship those white cabinets we deal for really anywhere in the country and we’re trying to extend that. We’re getting to the point where that could be a reality.  

Thanks again for your support!