Hello again everyone! This is Ben from Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry giving you a look inside the shop. We’re pretty full right now, and have some really nice sets in, as well as some nice ones that will be coming in.

This first one was in a big pile last time, and it still isn’t completely put together. It’s a really nice big kitchen, and very new only being about 6 years old. A big bonus about this set is that we got all the granite from it, and it all came out intact! There are some huge pieces of granite here, and it’s super nice as well. I know there are a lot of you looking for nice granite, and this set could be just what you need. The set itself has a ton of add-ons; it has rollout trays which look hardly even look used, dovetailed drawers, and undermounted drawer glides. It has some cool pullouts, one of which has dividers. It also has large drawers. It has some really nice textured glass uppers, and the set’s color itself is a beautiful dark expresso. It’s really hard to capture in pictures and videos as it usually turns out looking just black, but it isn’t. I think we’ll be selling this one for $5750. It’s a large kitchen and included with it are those large granite countertops.

We have another set that’s not completely set up yet, which is going to be very affordable. A different set we have, we just moved the price down to $2450. It’s a really nice set, with SS appliances, glass uppers, dovetailed drawers, a natural cherry finish, and granite countertops.

We also moved the prices on a few other sets down, and we’re just trying to get them to sell. We’ve been thinking about painting them, as we know so many of you guys are looking for white cabinets. So please feel free to tell us your opinion on that.

Here also is one that we have for $1250. It’s a nice solid set with tall uppers, a laminate countertop, and it’s a pretty good size. It’s a very nice, affordable, and clean looking set.

Another set that we showed you last time we actually have granite coming in for. The owners are actually giving us blanks, which means you’ll be able to better match it to your own kitchen space. The set itself is a really pretty set, it has a great color to it. It has tall uppers and a couple of glass uppers as well. And then with the granite, it can really be an amazing set.

We just got in another gigantic set. We actually have pieces of it laying around the shop because we’re still kind of putting it together. This is a huge set having around 30 pieces. The house we got it from had a lot of windows, so the color is a bit faded in places, but it’s a natural cherry color. To fix this, you have a couple of options. You could take the ones that aren’t as faded and leave them outside in the sun for a bit to fade them out as well, or you could just paint them. It’s a good set to paint, and I actually might be getting a great contact who I could recommend to help paint your cabinets. I see this set as a great opportunity with a ton of potential. It has a ton of drawers, rollout trays, and is a high-quality set all around. It also comes with bronzed pulls. It’s great if you are wanting to paint a white or gray set for yourself.

We have some other stuff coming in, so stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated!