Hey guys, this is Ben from Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry. Today is a big day for us; it’s Saturday, and today we’re having a HUGE 10% off anything in the shop sale! We are just packed with sets, and we need to get things moving. We don’t have things like this very often, but that’s why were doing it now. We’re hoping to get a lot of you guys in here and get you some of these great kitchens. This is to give you a sense of what we have in right now.

This first set is a very pretty set, personally I’m a big fan of the color. It has a glass corner cabinet with mullions, tall uppers, and rollout trays. There’s also a cooktop that goes along with it for free. This will probably be in the $1500-$2000 area for pricing. There’s also a panel for a sink base.

We still have some vanities in, which you all have probably seen before.

We have a lot of cherry in right now, which we mentioned last time, but we got in a few more even this week. Personally, I just love cherry, I love the coloring and the look of the natural wood.

Here’s a set in Shaker Style, with some oversized appliance pulls. It has a really nice, sleek modern look to it that I know a lot of you are looking for. It would be pretty easy to paint too, if that’s what you want. It doesn’t have a very deep grain, so the grain that would show up after you painted would be alright. I’ve never done it myself, as I love the natural look of it, but I know a lot of people are looking for white shaker cabinets.

Another super nice kitchen we have, you guys have probably seen before. It has high-end cabinets, dovetailed drawers, and SS appliances. And yet another different cherry set we have, has a large island and a wine rack!

There’s another set in that we don’t even have online yet. Actually, a number of these sets aren’t even online yet, so we’re really hoping that a ton of these will sell today because we are JAMMED. This one will be on the cheaper side. It’s a good-sized kitchen and has some tall uppers and comes with pulls on the doors and drawers.

We also have a bunch of cherry doors of a set we’re getting from Fort Collins, and apparently there are a TON of cabinets.  It’s going to take some time, because we don’t even know how it all went together. I think this is potentially going to be a really nice set for some of you really looking for those larger kitchens.

Again, we have a TON of already affordable cabinets and TODAY ONLY they’re 10% off!

We have a super nice set in right now, but we don’t have it all put together right now. It’s a good-sized set, and is newer, I think only 5-6 years old. It has under-cabinet lighting, dovetailed drawers, some soft-close drawers. It has full granite counter tops, and a lot of drawers and pullouts. I really think this one’s going to be a showstopper. It’s a pretty big set, with I think close to 20 cabinets. The granite countertops are really pretty too, that would go really well with the expresso cabinets. It also has a huge piece of island granite. So, we have quite a bit of granite in if any of you are looking for a set with granite. This set also has some beautiful seeded glass uppers and a wine rack.

Again, EVERYTHING is 10% OFF today only, so all of this stuff is at a discount price. So please come on in and take a look for yourself, and hopefully we can get a lot of these super nice affordable kitchens into your hands.