Hey guys, it’s Ben from Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry again here finally getting to another update video. I know it’s been a while, but we have a ton of stuff in and hopefully we can make it up to you. 🙂  

We’ve been getting a lot of showroom pieces in which means they’re in great condition with lots of add-ons. This first set is actually SOLD, but it was very unique with TONS of detailing. Some of the hardware itself had intricate carvings in them. This set would have been $40-50,000 new, but we sold it for a fraction of that price!  

We just picked up a couple of showroom displays, so ads for these will be getting out soon. This stuff is top of the line. This tiny little kitchen would retail for like $23,000. The granite is level 5, which is the best granite there is! We’re even got in a bathroom display that would really set your bathroom apart. It has hand-carved corbels on the linen closet, and also includes a mirror and vanity. It has a curved front and a marble top, making the retail on this set somewhere near $9,000. Again, this has only been used in a showroom environment, and the hand-carving really sets it apart. 

We actually are getting this really unique outdoor grilling bar. It has a granite countertop, teak doors, and is made to withstand the elements. It can be out on a patio, but also could be installed on a boat! The beautiful electric grill comes with it, and that too has only been used in a showroom, so I would imagine it’s never actually been used.  

Another showroom display we got in is this sweet entryway display. Again, it’s just very different than most of the things we get in. There’s tons of storage space and even a bench for putting on and taking off shoes. It’s top-of-the-line, everything being dovetailed, soft-close, and full extension.  

We also have this little bar setup that’s pretty affordable at $450 and we can work with you on the price there too. This could also be used for a laundry room if a bar isnt really what you’re looking for.  

From another showroom, we got this super unique bamboo island. We still have some pieces from a bamboo kitchenette, so you could combine those if you wanted. It has a very modern and sleek look, with the bamboo and the oversized appliance pulls. It has a gorgeous concrete countertop with a drop-in cooktop cutout. It has bar seating on the back and we even have some stools to go with it. We have that at $1250 and could maybe work with you on that price as well.  

This kitchen was actually set up as the perimeter with the bamboo island contrasting. This is again bamboo, but with a dark stain on it. Again, this is super high-end with tons of great features. The counter is a paper composite material that’s used a lot in labs, because it’s very durable, easy to work on, and of course eco-friendly. We have this at $3500 but can work with you on the price.  

Finally, we have an absolutely gorgeous knotty birch showroom set. It has inset shaker style doors, hand-carved corbels, a large drawer base, and a very unique blind corner cabinet base. It’s gorgeous, with tons of cool features. This would easily retail for like $35,000, and we’re only selling it for $3,500. 

Thanks for watching, we have tons of great stuff in, and lots of changes to the business coming. Let us know if you’re interested in anything!