Here’s another update from Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry!

We got a couple of sets in yesterday, but we haven’t quite finished working on them. This first set and the other one we just got in are frameless, which is a higher-end construction. These are some really nice Shaker cabinets, which is a really popular style right now. That along with the brushed nickel, oversized appliance pulls really make this a modern and high-end set. We have a lot of cherry in the shop right now, which isn’t that common. We have a few granite pieces that go with this set as well, so this is a great set for anyone looking for a sleek kitchen. Of course, this set could also be painted, but in my opinion, it looks amazing the way that it is.

Another kitchen we got in is more unique. It again has the frameless design, but this has bead-board backing, and it is also two-toned. It has slate-gray bases, and a clean white color on the uppers. It has tall uppers, a couple of which are glass-fronted. It also has a base pantry cabinet with rollout trays. It also has a spice-rack pullout, and some nice island cabinets. This set has a lot of the things people are looking for. The gray and the white are super popular. It’s a good-sized set as well, and has maximum storage with the frameless cabinets. Neither of these sets are online yet, so you’re getting a sneak peek.

Going around to some of our other sets, we have a small maple kitchen in yet, that we moved all the way down to $795. I can’t quite figure out why we haven’t sold this one yet. In my opinion, we’ve sold sets that aren’t nearly as nice, but yet this one and a few other cherry ones we have haven’t sold. So, with this and a few other select sets, I’m going to be open to offers from you guys. They’re very nice sets, but we need to move them. Let me know if you’re interested in those, or even what’s holding you back on those, so we can improve our service!

With this next set, I just want to point out that it looks as if it’s crooked and doors aren’t hung straight, but that’s just an issue of the boxes not being supported well sitting here like this. This set has a pantry cabinet as well as a good number of uppers. Some of you are NOT looking for the tall uppers, and we get a lot of sets with the taller uppers. But here’s a kitchen for you without those tall uppers. It’s a decent sized set, and super affordable at $1200.

Going over to some of the ones I’m open to offers on, we first have a really well-built set, with plywood boxes and dovetailed drawers. Like I said, I really can’t figure out why this hasn’t sold. It’s an amazing set. I bet is what’s holding some of your back is the size of it, but it would also be very easy to add pieces too.

This other set we have is a beautiful natural cherry set. It has a wine rack, is fully dovetailed, and is Crestwood brand. It has a set-up that would allow for a kitchen island and comes with a beautiful piece of granite with space for a cooktop.

We have another set with amazing construction that we got just last week. It has dovetailed drawers, and granite countertops as well. This set also comes with amazing stainless-steel appliances as well. The granite itself would be pretty easy to match, with a fairly common look. The cabinets themselves are a nice natural cherry that seems to be very in style.

Finally, another cherry set we have. It comes with some granite as well, and we added some appliance pulls to it. I’m curious as to why this set hasn’t sold. It’s a very high-quality set. Again, maybe just the size.

So just let me know with anything you’re thinking, questions or offers. If you want, just throw me an offer, and I’ll at least consider it. We really need to move these sets that have been sitting here a while, so please throw me an offer.

Let me know if you’re interested in anything or have questions! Thanks.