Hello again everyone!

This update is more about what’s coming in than what we have. We have a ton coming in this week, but we do have a few things in.

First, we have a small maple set that IS in the shop. We took the price on this one down to $890. It’s a really nice set, with pullouts, raised panel doors, a lazy-susan, appliance garage, and much more.

Another set we have is a more traditional shaker style set. It too has a lazy-susan. We added hardware to this set, as well as a nice black range. This is a super affordable package that we’re selling for $980.

We have another small package in the shop right now. It’s a group of white laminate cabinets, that would be perfect in a garage. There’s a lot of large pantries, one of which has a cool pullout. These are not cheaply made cabinets either, they’re super durable. It’s an older style, but perfect for a garage or shop.

We’re changing some things with our doors yet again. We’re selling them as a package deal, finding that it’s the most efficient way to keep up with the barrage of questions we’re constantly getting about them. They’re selling for a super affordable price too. They’re beautiful doors really, and worth a ton.

Now going through sets that we don’t have in yet, but are coming in soon. We have a super nice cherry set with appliances, as well as a possibility of granite tops. It’s a decent size and has an island. This set will most likely be around $3,000 or so.

We also have a nice maple kitchen coming in with a beautiful frameless design. It too is a decent size and has a pantry. It will also be a super affordable set, probably around the $1500 range.

Another set we’re getting in has some older appliances with it, but AMAZING cabinets. They have really nice detailing, and great granite tops as well as an island. It’s a large island with a cooktop on it. They’re really nice cabinets and a pretty large set. Coming along with this set is a super nice double vanity. We might get the granite if we’re able to get it out without cracking.

This is a darker maple set and is also a pretty decent size. It too has an island and granite counters. We’re also getting the appliances with this set, and they are beautiful appliances. It has dovetailed drawers and come top and bottom molding.

Another set we’re getting in has tall uppers and quartz countertops. It’s very large and has a wine-rack as well. I really think that this, and some of the other sets coming in will fit the needs of a lot of you who are looking for good sized, high quality kitchens.

So there’s a sneak peak of what we’ll be getting in here at Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry, and we hope we can help you find your dream kitchens!