Hey guys, here with another quick update on what’s in the shop! We finally have it set up so that you’re able to even walk around it.

This first set is a beautiful set that you can see on our website, and it really checks a lot of boxes for people I think. It’s a custom set and has dovetailing, soft-close, and mitered doors. There’s a lot of rollouts and hardware, and even granite. It’s also a good kitchen for those of you looking for a U-shaped kitchen.

Here’s another set that I just love. I’m a huge fan of cherry, I know some people aren’t, but I just find this kitchen stunning. It’s a good-sized set, and it comes with SS appliances and black slab granite. It has glass-fronted uppers with mullions, dovetailed drawers, and a trashcan pullout.

Another pretty good-sized set we have here was refaced, so it doesn’t look great now since we had to take the refacing strips off to uninstall it. But we still have all of those, so it would be pretty easy to fix up. They even added some rollout trays to most of the bases when they redid it. This set is going to be more affordable, so it’s a great deal. I think we’re going to be pricing the appliances separately, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for appliances.

Just to go over a few sets we’ve had for a while, we might split up the big white set we had soon to help it sell. And also sort of surprised this typical set is sitting around just for the reason that it’s a pretty common layout. So just let us know if you’re interested.

We sent out an email about this whole section that was mis-ordered, so it’s actually brand new. It has a ton of upgrades, everything you could want in a set. It even has a good-sized cream island, and it has a nice mocha color on the perimeter. This kitchen is BRAND NEW and you’d be getting it for 40% of the retail value.

We also have a super nice kitchen in like-new condition with dark cabinets and contrasting white cabinets with a chocolate glaze. It’s all soft-close and has dovetailing and hardware. It’s a really nice set and is only $3950!

We also have some cherry vanities. There’s two vanities and we’re selling them for just $395 which is a steal because we just need to move them out. We also have two matching dark vanities which are also very nice.

We also have this gorgeous cherry mantel with a gas insert fireplace to go with it.

We have more kitchens that are actually in a storage unit since we ran out of room, so we really need to keep things moving here. PLEASE let us know if you’re interested in anything at all!


Things move quickly here and it’s very hard to keep everything updated. Things have even changed since this video was made. So please check with us too see if what you’re interested in is still available! Thanks for your consideration!