Hey guys, here’s another update on what we have in and what’s going to be coming in the next week.

First of all, we just got in this super serviceable set that even comes with some free appliances. It’s a very affordable set and I think we’re going to be selling the whole thing for $1,150.

The next set I’ve already shown you previously. It has some showroom pieces as well as some new pieces. With this I just wanted to mention that we would be willing to split up the cream bases with soft-close drawers, and the other dark slate Shaker pieces. So, let us know if you’re interested in any of these pieces.

I wanted to mention quickly that we’re taking down the price on the gigantic white set to $4500. It’s a super nice set with tons of rollout trays and it would be very simple to add pieces to it.

Some of the white kitchen cabinets that we’re getting from our apartment deal are not in the best condition, and we want to let you know that we’re selling these super cheap as garage cabinets or something like that. And I also just want to stress that if you do not want the Thermafoil outside, you can pretty easily take that off.

Here’s another set that we just got ads out for. It has super tall uppers, some rollout trays, and best of all it’s super affordable at only $1650.

Okay so now for some more interesting stuff. We’re getting a TON of stuff from a million-dollar house down in Boulder. We are getting all the interior and exterior door, AND all the windows, so if any of you are planning on or are in the early stages of building, this could save you a TON of money. We’d probably sell that whole package for around $4950. All the doors are pre-hung, and we even have all the knobs for the doors. This house had a ton of windows and doors, so you’re really getting a ton of product here. The front door especially is gorgeous.

Alright, finally I’m really excited about this super high-dollar kitchen we’re getting. Along with this, we’re getting the wall ovens and the microwave. They have granite tops, but I doubt we’ll get much of those out without breaking them, but we’ll see. But the cabinets themselves are super high-end, almost looking like they’re from a showroom. I don’t have great pictures of it yet, but it has a large center island, contrasting cabinets around the cooktop, dovetailing and soft-close, some glass uppers, and then a few extra pieces here and there from other places in the house. It’s just a gorgeous kitchen. We’ll be getting it in and ads posted next week, but you can let us know now if you’re interested in it.

As always let us know if you’re interested in anything, and thanks for your time!