Hey everyone, Ben here again with another update video on Memorial Day, even though it might come out a bit later. I’m going to be out of town for the week, but we will still be open and the guys will be running the show.  

We’re into summer now, so the employees and I are out of school. This means a lot more coming!  

Starting off, we have beautiful white set, and this sort of kitchen is super popular. It has a nice factory painted finish and nickel hardware, including cup pulls. A huge selling point on this are the light quartz counters that come with this. The counters came out intact, which is somewhat rare. It has a beautiful center island with an arched back for bar seating. This set also comes with a full set of appliances. The pictures we had for this set are somewhat lacking, so we’ll be getting more accurate ones soon. 

We have these vanities here from that $4M home. These are super high-end, and we have some lighting fixtures that are a bonus. We’re going to be getting new pictures for these too, and then I would expect them to go pretty fast. We have some other vanities too, so check out website for those. 

We have a nice smaller kitchen here with a pretty typical kitchen layout. It has corner cabinets, countertops, a pretty color for the cabinets, and it’s only $1550. I might even take the price down just to keep things moving.  

Also in is this nice little kitchen. It has a bar with it which already sold, but the kitchen is still available. It comes with some nice slab granite, which broke a bit around the sink, but does have one intact slab. There’s some nice detailing on the doors, and there’s also a few appliances thrown in. Its only $1150, so it really is a nice package.  

We have some nice granite laying around, so please look into that if you’re interested. We have a large high-dollar island piece that’s intact and that we’re selling for $450.  

We’ve had this set laying around for a while which kind of surprises me. It’s nearly new and came from a high-end home. It’s a beautiful expresso color as well which is pretty popular. So be on the lookout for a price drop on that.  

Those of you who are looking for a nice kitchen island might be able to find what they need here. We have a kitchen that came with a massive ready-to-go slab of granite with bar seating. So, we’ll probably split up that kitchen and that island because I know a lot of you are looking for a contrasting island of sorts.  

We still have that kitchen from the $4M home and we’ll be making new ads for that soon. There were a ton of extra little pieces in the dining room and such that I’m thinking about selling separately. This is an EXTREMELY custom set in amazing condition and it’s absolutely beautiful. It has a huge island, and with that comes the biggest piece of granite we have ever had. It came out almost intact, except for one corner WHICH WE STILL HAVE, so it wouldn’t be too hard to seam that back together. We have a ton of appliances that went with that, and it would just be impossible to go over them all in time. So, I urge you to check out our website ad. I would love to get this amazing set out to you guys, we might end up splitting it up.  

I want to end on this amazing kitchen here. We took some bad pictures which is a bummer, so we’ll have to take more soon here. It’s knotty alder, and it’s in almost pristine condition. It shows almost no wear at all and is an amazing custom kitchen. It has spice rack pullouts as well as some other add-ons. There’s some rollout trays as well as some beautiful hardware and an amazing range hood. They had a large island with a raised top, and some appliance insert cabinets. We’re selling this whole package for $5500. 

Thanks a ton for reading/watching, and bear with us this week as we might be a bit silent due to me being on vacation. Thanks for your support and stay updated! 🙂