Hello again, and thanks for reading our blog! Here’s another update blog, and if you watch the video below you will see that it’s made of pictures. This still is accurate to what we have in the shop right now and what’s coming in.

The first set is something that I KNOW a ton of people are looking for. It’s a white kitchen with a nice antiqued glazing on it, some dovetailed and soft-close drawers, a drop-in cooktop and decorative pillars. It’s a really nice showpiece of a kitchen and has a huge island. Some of the granite on this set actually came out okay too, so we’ll be getting some of that. It’s a large kitchen, and we don’t even have all the pieces for it in yet. There’s a ton of cool features with this set, and if you go over to our ad for this set or watch the video below, you’ll see some of them. They include spice rack pullouts, glass uppers, rollout trays, and a really high-end mini fridge. Also included in this package was the bathroom vanities which are full height, and super nice. We’re also getting the laundry room with this house as well. You’ll be getting with this package the laundry room cabinets as well as the washer and dryer themselves. We’re selling this package for $5950, and we’d ideally like to keep it all together, but stay in touch because that could always change.

Moving on, we have a set that we’ve shown before, but we have some granite tops with it now, and it’s a really nice set. I’m personally a big fan of the color, and it also has some glass uppers, rollout trays, an undermounted sink, and a FREE cooktop. We’re only selling this set for $1850.

Another set we have is gigantic. I would think that this one would’ve sold right away, but there is the issue of different shades on the cabinets because of fading. But they are super high end, have lots of glass uppers, tons of pullouts, frameless design, and it’s really a great set. I’ve been getting into contact with a painter and he would be able to paint a set like this for you pretty affordably. I think this set white would be absolutely gorgeous.

Here’s another set, this one much more modern and sleek looking. This set has 40 drawers! It’s all super high-quality too, with dovetailing and soft-close. It’s from a kitchen in an office, but it could be used in a home as well. Personally, I see a ton of potential in a set like this; it has great bones and you could make it amazing.

Also wanted to mention a set we just took out today. It’s a really nice set that you could grab in a hurry. I think I’m going to price it at $2950, keeping the price low just to keep things moving. It’s a really nice set and has great high-end maple cabinets. There’s quartz counters I believe, as well as a wine-rack. There’s a cooktop included, as well as a bump-out for that cooktop, and lots of drawers. This set is in great shape as well. (We actually just SOLD this set today so it is no longer available)

Let us know if you’re interested in anything, and we’d love to help you find your dream kitchen. Also head on over to our last blog post, it’s titled 7 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR USED KITCHEN WORK FOR YOU! and there are some great tips in there.