Hey guys, just wanted to give you another quick update on what we have in right now. For this video, most of what I’m going to be showing you are actually smaller pieces. Usually I’m showing you guys the bigger things we have, but we have a ton of smaller things right now and the kitchens we do have, have been selling fairly quickly after we get ads up for them. Some of the other ones you’ve seen already, and I don’t want to flood you with older items, and the rest need so much work that I can hardly get a picture of them to show you.

First of all, I wanted to show you guys these two cream Islands that we have. They’re made of two bases each and have a very similar style. However, one of them has pulls and thSmalle other one has knobs, and the one with pulls has decorative spacers. They were only used in a showroom, so they’re basically brand new. They have dovetailed and soft-close drawers/doors, and rollout trays in them both too. They would be a great option for someone looking for more space in their kitchen, and they’re only $450 apiece.

Here’s some granite that we have. It looks a bit on the dark side in the picture, but it’s fairly light. We’re going to be pairing this with a white set that we have, and I think it’s going to make a great kitchen package. There’s a fair amount of product here too.

We have another cream island, this one with a great chocolate glaze on it. The two shelving uppers there in the picture were actually used on the backside of the island. This comes with a big panel that is put on the backside of the island. It’s ready to go, and I think we’re selling it for $595.

We have a number of vanities in right now. This one is a nice cherry double vanity with dovetailing and soft-close drawers, and plywood boxes. It’s a very high-quality piece and we’re selling it for $350. We have some medicine cabinets that can go with it too if you would want that.

This piece is a bit different than normal. We got this gas fireplace and cherry mantel from a house we got some other stuff from, and I thought it would make a good package for those of you doing a remodel. It’s a really nice combo and we’re selling it for $395.

We have two matching dark cherry/mahogany vanities. They’re nice vanities, dovetailed, with a sink in the middle and flanking drawer bases. We’re actually selling those both together.

Okay, I wanted to end with this luxury package which we’ll be getting next week. We’ve actually SOLD the appliances that went with this so know that if you’re interested. We still have the cabinets and countertops though, and we’ll be getting those next week. It’s small, but super high-end with a ton of modern bells-and-whistles. It has a nice big island with a waterfall effect on the granite as long as it came out without cracking.

Just wanted to show you these little things we have, and we’ll hopefully get the rest out to you soon! Let us know if you’re interested in anything!