Here’s another update for you guys from Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry. Right now, we’re a little bit on the empty side, as we just sold quite a few sets, but we have a lot coming in this week.

First, we have a couple of maple sets. Both of these sets would be really good options for people who are wanting decent quality but don’t want to spend a ton of money. I would say both of these sets fall into that midrange category. They’re both nice but not over the top fancy. Both of these are decent size, there are some pullouts, raised panel doors, and both also have a lazy-susan. One of them has some glass uppers. We also have some granite tile countertops here for an island, finished on all sides. Ads for these will be going up very soon, so you can see more about them on our current stock page. So those are two very affordable used sets we have in.

We have another new set in that isn’t set up yet, but it looks like it will be decent size. This one will also be very affordable, somewhere from $1500-$2000. We also have a very small maple set, for a small, maybe 10×10, kitchen. It has super high-quality cabinets though, with some pullouts with maple wood on the fronts. It’s a super nice set-up for a small kitchen.

We still have a super nice knotty alder front door. We haven’t had any ads out for it, so that will have to be done soon.

We have a few appliances here and there. One of these is a black double oven that’s hardly been used before. We also have some quartz and granite slab countertops, which were taken out of the kitchen they were in without any cracks at all. We have a lot of people looking for slab granite, so that would be a good option.

We’re going to be figuring out a sale for all our vanities soon, because we really need these vanities out of here.

We still have a maple set that we’ve talked about the last few times. I’m not sure why it hasn’t sold yet, it being a really nice set. We’ve moved the price down to $1250, which makes this an amazing deal. It comes with some free slab granite and appliances if you can make them work. The appliances are a little older, but you can’t get any better for used appliances then free. Usually what people do is plug it all in when they install their new kitchen, and then get newer appliances later if they wanted.

We also have a pretty cool couple of cabinets with a giant spice rack, and a lift up mixing station.

We still have a few of those super modern sets we talked about last time, so contact us if you want those! Other pieces could be added to these too if needed. We also have a few really cool contrasting uppers if anyone is interested in something like that. WE have a few sets coming in too, so keep your eyes open for those.

We also took down the prices on the doors that we have. What’s really sad is that each of these doors is around $1500 new, but there’s not a ton of value in them to just the average customer. But the price on all our doors are going down so look at those if you are interested.

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