Hey this is Ben from Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry! This is just another update blog on what we have in the shop right now!

Most of you guys will recognize this first set as we’ve had it for a while. The biggest change for it is that we’ve dropped the price drastically. It’s now only $2,950 opposed to $3,750 which is extremely affordable for a high-end set like this. I could probably split this set up which would most likely help it sell, but I wanted to try just dropping the price first. So, we’ll see how it does, and if it still won’t sell we might just split it up. It’s a great set, it has 40 drawers, almost all dovetailed and soft-close. It’s frameless, and just a gigantic set, so you could put pieces all over the house really. So definitely give it some consideration.

This next set it a super affordable kitchen, and I think we’re going to change a few things up with it. We were selling it for 795, but now we’re going to be putting it with another set with the same style and painting them both white. That will definitely change the value of this quite a bit, so be on the lookout for that one.

We have a lot of options for you guys in white right now. We got into contact with a business that’s working with an apartment complex, and we’re getting a couple of these sets a week. So, what I can do is give you a couple kitchens together, usually with the counters too, all for under $1000! This gives you a TON of product for your money, and keeps the sets moving for us! It’s affordable enough to be worth it for you guys, and enough to be worth the trouble for us since they’re down in Centennial. Also, if you’re not a fan of the Thermafoil look, it’s not to hard to take off using like a heat gun or something leaving you with a nice smooth MDF base to work with which you can even paint. I’ve heard some of some great results from people who’ve done that.

We have a couple of brand new vanities from a showroom in Denver. They’re dovetailed and soft-close, and just super high-end. And I just want to stress that these are BRAND NEW. We also are in contact with a guy who has a bunch of granite vanity tops for cheap, so that could be something to add.

Then we have a unique set from a showroom. The dark charcoal ones are brand new, as in we unboxed them ourselves. They’re super nice with dovetailing and soft-close drawers. The white pieces were from the showroom we got the other pieces from, and they have a bunch of rollout trays in them. But then along with this set are these big display cabinets. I think they were used in the showroom to display some samples or something. But you can get really creative with those, there’s a lot you can do with them. The value for this set is in those other cabinets, and these display cabinets are really just a bonus.

We got another good sized high-quality set in this past week. It’s really well put together and has a really dark finish on it. It also comes with super nice appliances. It’s a great package and we’re selling it for a good price of $3950.

Another white set that we got in is just massive. It’s over 30 pieces and newly painted. It has a ton of things going for it, glass fronted uppers, tons of pullouts, and brushed nickel cup pulls. It gives you a lot to work with. We’re going $4950 on that super high-end set.

Let us know if you’re interested in any of the things we have in, and contact us with any questions!