If you’re a Northern Colorado contractor with residential clients, you’ve done your fair share of kitchen tear outs. This process can go one of two ways: Fun and fast or slow and arduous. If you’re tired of carefully removing old kitchen cabinets and ready to get on with the work you like doing, read on!

Why We Tear Out For You

There is no such thing as a free lunch, but there can be such a thing as a couple-hour lunch break that continues to make you money on your jobsites. How, you ask? Simple. By letting Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry in Loveland tear out your client’s high-end kitchen cabinets for free, you can actually both make and save money.

We Sell Recycled Cabinets

Okay, well, duh. We aren’t tearing out local kitchen cabinets for nothing; by selling used kitchen cabinets, we take something that would have likely been wasted, scrapped, or halfheartedly installed in your client’s garage and give it an entirely new home. Sounds like a win/win for us, right? Well, it can be a win/win for you and your client as well, making it a win/win/win for you, simply because we give 25 to 35 percent of the sale price on your client’s recycled provider to you, the supplier, as a belated payment for the already-free service we rendered when we removed the cabinets in the first place. Our family is committed to sharing some of the amazing kitchens that people throw away everyday in the Loveland and Fort Collins area with other local families that are thrilled to have them – and we’re willing to pay you and your client for helping in that mission.

What this Means

As a local business owner, you have tight margins to operate in. The impact of our recycled kitchen cabinets can be used by yourself on behalf of your client, given straight over to them, or used to cushion your operating costs during the renovation – that decision is entirely up to you. If you talk your client into the sale of the cabinets, you can use the money to cushion the cost of their renovation, upgrade a decision they’re on the fence about, or even just use the extra cash to pay for another hand on the job, which gets your client back out of the renovation phase faster. At the end of the day, no matter how you and/or your client decide to use your 25 to 35 percent of the proceeds gained from your recycled cabinets sale, it is only in both of your benefit to allow our crew to come in and quickly remove the kitchen cabinets from the site. Even if you and your crew don’t see a dollar from the sale of the cabinets, you can take an extra-long lunch on us.

Our Recycled Cabinets Sell Fast

With soaring home prices and renovation-hungry homeowners looking to maximize every dollar to afford the ever-rising labor costs created from a lack of skilled workers and a booming demand for their services, it isn’t uncommon for our recycled kitchen cabinets to sell within 24 hours – in fact, that’s pretty much expected anymore. We offer homeowners the chance to get email notifications the moment new cabinets are brought in, so many sell within minutes. This means that you and your client will get work done on the site while your crew isn’t even there, and could get paid for the already free service in as little as one day.

Tearing out a kitchen? Give us a call right away to get started - you’ve got nothing to lose!