There are many industries these days that are incredibly wasteful. Brand new things are thrown away every day, and kitchenware, appliances, and cabinets are no exception.

Why It’s A Bad Idea

Let’s say that a couple of newlyweds buy a new home. They love everything about it, the rooms, the backyard, the area, but they just hate the kitchen. So, they plan to remodel it. They demolish the walls, move out the appliances, and tear into the cabinets. They take all the leftover trash and send it to the dump. Little do they know, the previous owners had just put in new cabinets before they had sold the house. These new kitchen cabinets have gone to waste because people couldn’t stand the color, look, or shape of them and wanted something they preferred.

What You Should Do Instead

This scenario could’ve gone a completely different, better way. Say the purchasers don’t like the kitchen and remove the cabinets carefully, not scratching or ruining them in any way. They don’t want them at all, but don’t really want to have them go to waste. Plus, they have to focus on getting new things for their dream kitchen. That’s where we come in. We pay them for these awesome cabinets, and, once someone buys them, there’s no waste at all.

How It Can Help Others

Now, let’s think of the other side of the equation. There’s a family who just bought a house, but the previous owners had taken everything from the kitchen. There’s no cabinets, no appliances, no countertops, nothing. This family doesn’t have ten, twenty, thirty grand to spend on some cabinet set with tons of bells and whistles, but they don’t want something that looks like it came from the dump either. They look online and they find us. Maybe we don’t have the perfect set, but they wait a while and it comes around.

In Conclusion…

It’s amazing what people can do if they just put their mind to it. The people who sold us their cabinets didn’t have to spend the full price on their new ones because they were reimbursed from their previous set. The people with a budget get the cabinets they want at the price they can afford. Everyone’s happy- the customer, the supplier, and the environment.