If you have an acquaintance that is planning on remodeling a kitchen that we can use, then just refer them to us, and you’ll receive $200! Here’s how it works.


Seem pretty simple? Yes, it’s that easy! Maybe you don’t have a set of cabinets for us, but there’s a pretty good chance that you have a family member or friend that would like to remodel their kitchen, or maybe you know a custom cabinet maker, remodeling contractor, or kitchen designer. We only accept high-dollar materials, so keep in mind that this will not work for all kitchens, but there are so many high-end kitchens that are going to waste out there. All you have to do is give us a call, text, or email, and tell us that you know someone who could supply us with a high dollar kitchen. Give us the contact information for that individual, and then get wait to get paid.


We will take a look at the set of cabinets that you referred, and if we like them, then we will take them away to our shop and prepare them for their new home. After they have been removed, you will have to contact us and tell us that you were the referrer, and we will then give you $200 for your actions. PLEASE NOTE: this referral program is a ONE TIME DEAL if you refer a company: we will not give you a second $200 every time they supply us with a set, but if you refer many different individuals, then we will give you $200 for every set we are provided with.