Hey everyone, this is just another update blog about what we have here in the shop right now.

First of all, we have an awesome display set here, that was actually from a massive kitchen island. What we have displayed as uppers with this set were actually bases. They were set up on the other side of the lineup we have to display this set, forming a massive island centerpiece. It has a beautiful farmhouse sink included with it. It also has a great spice rack pullout, as well as some very nice appliances! It’s a super nice set, even coming with a pantry with soft-close and dovetailed pullouts! This wasn’t even designed to be a full kitchen set, and yet it has enough space to work for a small kitchen! It shows hardly any wear at all. So, this kitchen cabinet set could be used for a large kitchen island, as an appliance wall, or like we said, a small kitchen set.

We also have a ton of doors here for sale from a huge mansion. We’ve had a ton of people interested in this door or that door, and to be completely honest, we just got swamped. We got so many emails and texts, many not clear which one they wanted, and we just couldn’t handle that much. So, if you are still interested in some of these doors, please just contact me again, and we’ll try our best to work it out. I apologize for the inconvenience, but hopefully this time we can work out who gets what.

These doors have a ton of variety, some of them are oak, some are pre-hung, some aren’t. There is a place in town that will hang doors like these for you, so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. So please let us know again if you’re interested, and again, I apologize for the inconvenience earlier.

Something exciting is that we’re getting into contact with a company in the Denver area that work with a lot of builders. They have all sorts of high end cabinets just as extras. They sometimes have sets, but most often have just a piece here and there. We’re working out a deal with them where we’ll take these extra pieces and sets. We won’t really be able to sell these few pieces too well, but we can make some giveaways with these pieces. So hopefully that could be coming up soon. A lot of that will be done on Facebook however, so if you don’t have a Facebook account, this could be a great reason to just get one.

We still have a very nice vanity in the shop that we’re going to be making new ads for. It has a whitewashed finish as well as really good cabinets themselves. They are in very good condition, and have undermounted drawer glides and dovetailed drawers. This vanity could look very stylish especially if the top was switched out. You could split it up to have two smaller vanities.

Finally, we have a very nice maple set. It has ton of things going for it, including a trash pullout, appliance garage, and dovetailed drawers. It has quite a few glass fronted cabinets with mullions, which give it a very modern and stylish look. It even comes with some high-quality slab granite that really completes the look. It also has a large hutch-type piece, with some little drawers, and a wine glass holder. It really just has a lot going for it.

Coming in, we have a big garage door. It already has ads out for it, but we still have to bring it in. It’s insulated with cedar overlay, and is huge being 16’ by 8’. It really is beautiful, and would be a great showpiece for the front of anyone’s home. We’re also helping take out another maple kitchen this Saturday, so that will be coming in. Besides these, there’s always sets coming in, so make sure to keep yourself updated!