Hello, everybody, this is Ben from Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry, getting around to giving you another update! I’m gonna be out of town for the next week and a half, so I wanted to get an update before I left. Crysta also happens to be gone (she’s the one that usually does our blogs) so those updates have been a little bit more spread out,  so I apologize for that but wanted to get another one out there before I left.  

So this first set we have here is a set we have is really large, and we have it in a u-shape with cabinets in the middle and it doesn’t look quite as large, but it’s a ton of cabinets. We sent out an email for this set on the 21st, but it’s a really nice set that I’m excited to show you guys. The cabinets are knotty alder, and the set has most of the bells and whistles that people are looking for. It’s a beautiful custom kitchen: You’ve got tall uppers, dovetailed drawers, soft close glides some pullouts, lots of drawers, two different lazy Susans, and some beautiful glass fronted uppers. The knotty aspect of the alder is beautiful. You’ve got the pantry with some pullouts and a double oven with finished panels on the side, and some other pieces laying around as well. There’s also a beautiful island with turn posts and to top it off, the entire suite of KitchenAid stainless steel appliances is included! I think this is really neat because usually when we get in appliances you’re going to have different brands, but in this example all of the appliances are KitchenAid, so I believe the entire package was purchased together. We’ve got a dishwasher, a French door fridge with a water dispenser inside, a double wall oven, a beautiful gas cooktop that looks around thirty-six inches wide, a huge, pretty cool looking microwave to fit over that big gas range, and an undermount sink. There is a ton here. The layout of this set is very conducive to most kitchens, with the different corner cabinets, and lots of different cabinet sizes. With this set, you get most of the things that people are looking for in their kitchen remodel.
On to the next set. We split this up into the kitchenette and then you also have the drawer base and the pantry. We thought this might be a more usable way of

doing it because this little kitchenette is set up to kind of be by itself. You’ve got the Caesar stone countertop that just fits those pieces. Other pieces are also a little lighter bamboo. You’ve got the sink and faucet ready, and this is really a nice, ready to go kitchenette set up for somebody. However, the drawer base and the pantry are both a little bit darker. They are a matching color, and the drawer base has its own custom concrete countertop and huge drawers. The pantry has a nice gigantic pullout, so it’s kind of a nice package that way too. So be on the look out for those ads if they haven’t gone out yet, and if they haven’t, they’re going to be going out very shortly. 

We keep getting in a lot of these apartment cabinet sets, so if you’re in the market for those we try to get them in kind of two sets at a time, get them all cleaned up and ready to go. They keep coming in every week, so let us know if those are something you’re interested in. 

I wanted to show this mission style shaker set. I’m a little bit surprised we didn’t sell it immediately, to be honest, just because it’s so cool and unique! We haven’t really gotten anything quite like it before. It’s like a shaker style but more custom, more rustic, higher end, and with an Amish build type look. There’s really nice glazing on it and antiqued, distressing features on this set. I believe it’s made by Hallmark. There are some nice big drawer bases, a cabinet that you could use as a sink base, and a lot of paneling and other things. There are granite countertops that came out intact, so this would be a great set up for maybe a little kitchen or it may be something that you can add on to another set. I am trying to get that idea out there because a lot of times people are looking to add pieces to a set, which was pretty difficult to do because even if you are able to track down the manufacturer, they might not be able to sell you just one piece, or if they can, the price is going to be could be astronomically high. Sometimes it works out, but as another option, you could try to go with a couple of contrasting pieces, or, if you do it right, I think for this set, the black shaker cabinets that we sell would work perfectly.  You could put a couple turn posts in there to really show it off, make it a centerpiece, maybe add some black crown molding on the top and you could really finish it off nicely. I just wanted to put that kind of idea in your head so you can maybe think about that going forward. 

This next set didn’t work out for a customer and so we are fixing it up a little bit. It’s going to have all the stainless steel appliances again a full set of stainless steel appliances. We have a pretty affordable set here that we’d like to move quickly, so be on the lookout for that. It has plywood boxes, dovetailed drawers, and a wine rack. 

Next, we have a set that we’ve seen for a little bit. We just uninstalled this last weekend, so not for all that long, but it’s a pretty good size. There’s some nice detailing on the drawers mitering on the cabinet door, really beautiful faces and some gorgeous hardware, as well as appliances included for free. This set and the slab granite countertops are nineteen fifty.

Here’s another set that we still have to set up better, but we just got this uninstalled this week. It has a beautiful natural cherry perimeter with the tall uppers. There’s a glass fronted one with mullions, some rollout trays,  and slab granite counters that did break around the sink and around the cooktop, but you have some extra pieces. The nice thing is that the island piece has come all intact, so you really get a nice package here with the contrasting island. Here you can get an idea of that contrasting that I’m talking about. You have this perimeter in the cherry, and then you contrast it with the black antiqued island. The island has a really nice finish- they got the turn posts here to really finish it off, beautiful slab granite countertop ready to go, and the paneling is still on there. So it’s a beautiful set that comes with a cooktop too. I have not set the price on this one but ads are going to be coming out very shortly so be on the look out for this. It’s going to be fairly affordable and a great set up. 

We also have an oak set in stock. It’s a good-sized set up with a lot of tall uppers. This one we currently have for $1450 and I’d probably be even able to give a little bit more of a discount on it because we always have to keep stuff moving. It’s a good sized kitchen and there are bathroom vanities included, all for an extremely affordable price. 

Here’s another set that we don’t even have set up yet, so I’ll just go around it quickly. It has really nice dark finsih, I would almost say espresso, but not quite. What you’re seeing on the top is really just the remnants of the plywood, not the cabinets themselves that are all beat up but that plywood that was under the counter just needs to be cleaned off, and then these cabinets are pretty well ready to go. They may need some minor repairs I think, but they’re pretty good.  The cabinets come from Kraftmaid, and dovetailed drawers, some nice drawer glides- probably self-closing out soft-closing but it’s a  really nice set up with again some beautiful hardware. The set has some nice uppers and they even had the ones that went over the top of the other ones to really showcase it, but you could use them separately of course. So you’ve got some options with this one, and we will have this one going out soon. Let me know if you’re in the market for something like this. 

Alright, I better get going here, time is of the essence and I’m running long as usual. We’ve got a lot of changes coming and I’m hoping that we’re going to be changing locations in the relatively near future- when I say relatively near future I mean this summer yet. If the deal we’re working towards goes through it’ll be a lot more space; it’ll open up a lot of options for us.  Just wanted to get that in your mind, we’d love to expand, and we’ve got a couple options, but it’s very difficult to do so here in Loveland, to be honest. We are actively looking at that and continuing to get you guys more options for getting your dream kitchen at an affordable price. I’ll leave it at that for now and talk to you next time. Thank you, bye.