Hey guys, just getting you another update on what we have in the shop. In the last video, the shop was almost empty. Well now, we’re super busy with probably the fullest shop we’ve ever had. This is just a quick overview since we have so much, so if you’re interested in anything, contact us and we’ll let you know more.

We still have a ton of doors in the shop. There’s been a ton of interest, but with so many sets coming in and out, we just haven’t gotten to organizing them yet. Along with these doors, we have a super cool glass fronted pantry door that has a super high value. We also have some very nice and ornate storm doors.

We also have a TON of vanities in right now. If you’re looking for something in a vanity, we most likely have what you want. They’re in very good condition, many of them being brand new. So, you can get some great cabinets here for a very affordable price.

We have a very nice maple set in right now too. It’s a great size, and we’re throwing in the appliances it came with for free. We have all the appliances except for a fridge. It’s definitely a very affordable set and great for a starter home.

We have another awesome set in right now. It has softclose, dovetailing, and rollout trays, along with a ton of other cool features.

In right now, we also have an interesting cherry set that is now going for $950. It has a bit of a retro feel to it, and is well built and very affordable.

We have another beautiful set in too, with a great wood. It’s a MASSIVE kitchen, and you’d be getting a ton of bang for your buck with this set. It was built-in, so there’s a fair number of large pieces, limiting this set’s flexibility. But it’s extremely well built and has a ton of rollout trays, as well as beautiful doors.

We also have another brand-new set that we actually had to unbox. Lately we’ve been getting a lot of these brand-new cabinets, so you can really get that new cabinet feel for a super discounted price. It should be pretty easy to get additional cabinets for these newer sets as well.

There’s also a front door that we’ve been working on repairing, as well as a couple fireplaces, and a couple tubs.

We also have a shaker maple that’s also selling for a very affordable price. The shaker style seems to be the favorite of what we sell. It’s not a huge set, but is perfect for a smaller kitchen.

Finally, we just got in an AMAZING, top of the line set. We got this from a multi-million-dollar home up in Boulder, and it is just so cool. It has an antiqued finish to it, as well as plywood boxes. It also has dovetailed drawers, and it’s in GREAT condition. We got top of the line appliances along with this set as well. It came with a separate subzero refrigerator and freezer in even newer condition than we usually get from a remodel. This set also has some other great appliances like a heating drawer, a wine fridge, and some high-quality faucets. It has a cream finish, and is going to make some family very very happy.

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