Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! This is another update on what we have in the shop and a bit of a sneak peek into what’s coming in. In the last couple of weeks, things have been selling about as soon as we get them in, so the shop is looking a bit empty. Last week alone we sold 5 sets, a couple of which never even made it up on the website. People just came in and saw something that they liked and bought it. We try to keep you guys as updated as possible on what we have in, but sometimes situations like that happen. So, there has been more that you haven’t seen as well. It’s been very busy.

First of all, we have a ton of vanities. We have a couple of 60” vanities that we got from a company we got in contact with, that’s a dealer for a lot of big builders. They sometimes have mis-orders or mistakes happen, so then we get a few extra pieces from them. We also got a kitchen from them, but that was one of the ones that sold before it was even up on the website. We also have a few whitewashed vanities still, that have a great construction. We also have another super nice vanity that’s not up yet. It has soft-close drawers and is just very pretty. It’s also really well built and comes with sinks.

We also got some storm doors in. Two of them are already sold, so they’re going pretty fast.

There’s also a really affordable cherry set we have in. They have some beautiful cherry wood, and frameless construction. They have a bit of a retro look, but they are very well built and are going for a very affordable price.

We have an AWESOME set in here from a showroom in Denver. It has pretty much everything anyone could want in a set. It has soft-close drawers, dovetailed drawers, a pantry with pullout trays, uppers with glass panels and frosted mullions, a wine rack. It has beautiful glazing on the doors, and has a great price. It’s brand new, only being used in a showroom.

We still have a lot of doors in, and we’re going to be making some deals on them soon. There are a lot that people haven’t even seen, because of the way they were set up. Again, let us know if you’re interested. We’ve had TONS of interest on these doors, but for whatever reason, they just weren’t able to make them work.

We’re now selling the tubs we have in for $95 apiece. They’re super high quality, and we’re willing to make a deal with you on them.

We also have some sets coming in later this week. We’re getting a large dark one from Westminster soon, as well as a maple one we’ll be taking out. We always have new stuff coming in, so please get on our email list so you can stay updated!!