This is just another update on what we have in the shop right now, and what kitchen cabinet sets are going to be coming in. Again, we’re doing this just to keep you all completely updated on what we have.

We have another used kitchen set in that we’re still fixing up. It’s a super nice set, and comes with a super nice hutch piece that could be used as a separate kitchen cabinet. It has some granite countertops with a super nice color that’s really in style. It also has dovetailed drawers, glass fronted uppers with mullions, trash pullouts, as well as a lot of other things that people are looking for. As always, if you’re interested, feel free to contact us before it’s even up on the website, just to get a little bit a head of the game.

We have a couple of tubs still, as well as a TON of doors! We also still have a Heatilator Fireplace, but we can’t seem to find the model number on it. So, if anyone has an idea of where that might be on the fireplace, please tell us!

We still have a couple of appliances that went with a set that sold. The people who bought it didn’t want the appliances, so we still have the drop-in gas cooktop and double oven that went with those. Both of those were hardly used, and are in great condition.

We also have that great “Brand New 12K Cabinets with Soft-close drawers, Seeded Glass, and Apron Sink Base” set that a number of people have been interested in, but no one has committed to. So, it’s still available.

Still available is the “Huge Kitchen with Tons of Rollout Trays & Tall Uppers”. We’re going to be getting new ads up for this one soon, so it’s probably going to go very quickly. There’s over 25 pieces and granite countertops included (if you remember, this granite is the rare one from Australia). This is a great deal; all of this being priced at under $2,000.

Also still in is a little double vanity that’s whitewashed and has dovetailed drawers. This can be used as a double vanity, or as two singles if you wanted. Most people would probably want a different countertop with this no matter what. The sinks on these also match the corner tub we have.

There’s also a ton of granite still here too. A lot of people have been interested, but just haven’t been able to make it work right. But please let us know if you’re interested in that.

We’re going to be really busy at the end of this week, as we have a lot of kitchen sets to deliver and pick up. We’ll be having a maple set coming in. It’s most likely going to come with appliances.

We’re also going to have a very large kitchen island coming in from a high-end home. It has dark wood, and comes with an apron farmhouse sink, as well as even a couple of appliances. It’s not the whole kitchen, they just re-did the appliance wall and island, so that’s what we got. It’s about 5 cabinets long, all in great condition with tons of cool features, plus the giant island.

Something exciting for the business is that we’re going to become a cabinet dealer for a couple lines of cabinets. The reason for this is that we have a few of you who are buying cabinets from us all the time, and they need a couple of pieces. So, if I can be a dealer, I can get those at pretty affordable rates, and hopefully we’ll be able to help provide a match for a set that maybe didn’t have all that you wanted.

This could also help you in case you maybe aren’t finding what you want in used cabinets, that we can help you get what you need new, at an affordable price.

So if you need, we can talk more about that. Let us know if you’re interested in any of this!